Decoration Guidelines

We understand that decorating for your event is important. However, we also need to make sure the celebrations are within our building and fire codes, as well as preserving the appearance of the space once the decorations are removed. Below are the guidelines specifically for the Union, but can serve as a guideline for most other spaces on campus as well. If you are in doubt, please ask prior to decorating to avoid excess cleaning or repair charges.

•All decorating is limited to the inside of the reserved room only. Any decorating outside of the reserved room must be approved by the Union Director or Associate Director.
•Use of glitter, confetti, rice, etc. is prohibited. The use of fog or smoke machines are also prohibited in the Harre Union. Any type of machine like this will set off the fire alarm system, even those based with water.
•If you are using candles, they must be surrounded by a GLASS votive. There can be no open flames or PLASTIC votives used.
•Neither doors nor emergency signs can be covered or blocked in any way. Doors may be decorated as long as they are still accessible and functional, and fall within the rest of the guidelines.
•Decorations may be placed on walls or doors using special BLUE PAINTER'S TAPE ONLY. Scotch tape, duct tape, glue, or other adhesives of any kind are not allowed.
•No staples, pins, screws or nails can be put into any wood, plaster, drywall, or concrete surface use MASKING TAPE ONLY.
•Any ceiling decorations must be approved by the Assistant Director prior to the event. Hanging of these decorations may require the services of Union personnel and will be contingent upon time and staffing availability and will be charged to all groups, whether on-campus or off-campus, at $10 per hour.
•Hanging of string lighting is permitted as long as the method of hanging is not in violation of the above rules. Cords may not extend across doorways or isles. Any cords running along a wall must be taped securely to the floor to prevent injury resulting from tripping.
•All tape must be removed CAREFULLY when decorations are taken down. The group will be charged for any damage to Union facilities resulting from the decorations. The group will also be charged at $20.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum for any excessive cleaning charges for any additional cleanup resulting from decorations (not removing decorations, leaving tape on surfaces, etc.).

The Valparaiso Union reserves the right to allow or disallow any decorating it sees fit. If you have any questions or are not sure about whether your decorations will be allowed, please call the Associate Director at 219.464.5007 prior to your event, or see the Building Manager on duty.