Sound & Lighting Information

The Union Board Productions Committee has the task of providing technical support to the other committees of the Union Board. As a secondary function the Committee will perform that same task for organizations, both on and off campus.

The role of the Productions Committee consists of, but is not limited to: sound reinforcement (speaking events, bands, talent shows, plays, dinners, etc.), lighting, and the labor necessary to run those events, with the exception of a DJ. If available, the Productions Committee may rent out a DJ style sound system, composed of CD players, tape decks, and even turntables. It is always appropriate to investigate all avenues of lighting and sound reinforcement available for your event. For instance, find out if the room or building where the event is to take place has a house system. For events comprising of only speaking roles, for instance, a house system may perform just as well, or sometimes better than, a sound system delivered from the Committee. When in doubt, seek the Production Committee Chair’s opinion.

If you should decide that you are interested in contracting the Committee’s resources, there are a few steps to be taken to streamline the process and insure adequate communication.

•If you are unaware of any technical aspects that may be needed for the successful performance of your event, always first talk to the Productions chairperson. If you are confident about what you need, then it may not be necessary to initially consult the chairperson. It will be necessary to advise the chairperson of setup times, event start times, event end times, and any other relevant scheduling information (how long you have the room reserved for, rehearsals, etc.).

•Fill out a Productions Request Form at The form is simple and open-ended, allowing for any sort of event to be requested. Upon submitting your request, you will be contacted by productions with further details. Submitting your request does not guarantee service.

•When planning your event, the key to successful technical support is time. Allow as much time to communicate with all the necessary parties as possible. Sometimes performers require contract riders to be approved; this is something that should be handled far in advance of any contract agreements. As a general rule of thumb, a month’s advance notice is sufficient to reserve production’s assistance.

Be advised that it is only the secondary function of the Committee to assist an organization outside of Union Board. To contact the Productions Committee, call the Union Board Office at 464-5194, the Productions Committee voicemail at x7423 (cannot be accessed from off campus) , or email at