Ticket Sales & Pickup / Drop-off Services

One of the many services available at the Union Information Desk is the ability for student organizations to sell tickets. Tickets are computer generated, and all income is collected by the Union and then deposited into your organization’s account. This process allows you to sell your tickets and have an accurate audit trail for all ticket sales.

To order tickets, you must complete an online Ticket Sales Request Form. It must be completed online will at least five working days before the start of any ticket sale. Please understand that the information on this form will be shared with those people interested in purchasing tickets. The phone numbers listed on the form may be given to customers with questions.

There is a fee for selling tickets at the Union. Please see the Ticket Sales Request Form for more information.

For information regarding ticket sales, please call x5150.

Pickup / Drop off Services

The Union InfoDesk offers a service that enables students, faculty or staff to either pick-up or drop-off paperwork such as applications, sign-up sheets, information packets, registrations, etc. Because of its prime location and extended hours of operation, the InfoDesk is probably most convenient and accessible place on campus for students to pick-up or drop-off paperwork.

So that we may better monitor this service, we ask that you fill out a Pick-Up/Drop-Off Form for approval. This will allow our staff to know exactly what items they should expect, where to look, and who to contact in case of questions. Please allow 2-3 business days for your form to be processed and your items to be ready for pick-up/drop-off. Please be advised that information provided on the form, including contact name, phone number or email address, may be given out to students, faculty or staff that may have questions regarding the information or form.

It is highly discouraged that money be collected using our Pick-up/Drop-off service. The Union is not responsible for lost or stolen money, items or paperwork when utilizing this service. If you are in a situation where you need or would like to have money collected (for registration fees, for example), we can arrange it through our ticket sales program, however there is a fee for this service (see Ticket Sales).

If you have any questions regarding this service, please call the InfoDesk Manager at x5008 or the Assistant Union Director at x5150.