Trademark Standards

University Trademarks and Symbols standards are to be used as a guide for proper use of all Valparaiso University noncommercial brand identities and logos.  For standards related to commercial use contact the Vice President of Marketing.

The Valparaiso University brand and sub-brands are powerful commodities in the marketplace and can be used to reinforce and serve the goals, mission and culture of the institution.

Proper use of Valparaiso University brand marks ensures the production of consistent, quality communications to our alumni, students, friends and other constituents worldwide. Each time a University logo or brand is being represented in print, Web or other media, the highest standards mandated by the University should be met.

Image files are available upon written request at

If you need to modify or develop a logo beyond what is available to you in this Standards Guide, contact the Vice President of Marketing. If you require information beyond that which is presented in this document, please contact Larry Mosher, Director Union, x5007.