Multipurpose Room & Kitchen Policies

The following guidelines and policies for the Office of International Programs/Office of Multicultural Programs (OIP/OMP) Suite Multipurpose Room and Kitchen are to ensure your function is successful and enjoyable. The lounge area outside of the Multipurpose Room and Kitchen is intended to be used all students. We do our best to provide a clean and orderly environment; we expect you will leave it the same. Please read and adhere to the policies and exhibit courtesy and respect for others at all times. 


  • The Multipurpose Room/Kitchen is available only to Valparaiso University student organizations and faculty/staff for official University functions.
  • A Reservation Request must be placed with the Union Administration Office.
    • The following groups may book up to 1 year in advance:
      • OMP/OIP staff
      • Affiliate Student Organizations (SMART Scholars, Study Circles on Race Relations, BSO, LIVE, AAA, Alliance, VISA, MSA, Chinese Student & Scholar Assoc., Saudi Student Assoc.)
  • Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. A Union Reservation Form must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours (preferably 72 hours) prior to the event and your request is granted only if a confirmation is sent from the Union Administration Staff.
    • Standard set up includes 4 round tables of 8 and lounge furniture. 
    • Any group requiring a non-standard set-up or A/V must request such at the time of reservation.
  • Users can only use the Multipurpose Room/Kitchen during the event times specified on the Union Reservation Confirmation. All events will need to end early enough to allow for cleanup before the Union closes for the evening.
  • The Multipurpose Room will not be available during official University holidays or at other times when the building is closed.
  • All groups will be expected to adhere to all Union policies and procedures in conjunction with OIP/OMP policies. The policies can be found in the Online Student Activities Guide at


  • Cancellation of a reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the event with the Union Administration Office. Failure to use the confirmed space without formally canceling the space will affect your organization’s ability to reserve space in the future.


  • The Multipurpose Room accommodates a maximum of 60 people depending upon the set-up within the room.  Functions larger than 60 will need to find an alternative space for their event. 

Kitchen & Dining Rules

  • The Kitchen will remain locked at all times; Union staff will unlock the space 15 minutes prior to reserved events, unless otherwise requested.
  • Any items purchased by the OMP or OIP must remain in the Multipurpose Room/Kitchen, including all kitchen items (serving utensils, mixing bowls, etc) and appliances. The Kitchen is equipped with a microwave, stove and refrigerator for your use. Please bring your own foils, plastic wrap and storage bowls in which to carry your food items. 
  • After an event has concluded, no food may be stored in the refrigerator.
  • All dishes and cooking utensils must be washed, dried, and put away after each event. Stove top and oven must also be cleaned.
  • Utensils and plastic bowls may NOT be taken from the Multipurpose Room. Groups will be responsible for supplying these items themselves. (e.g. pots, pans, kitchen supplies, plastic containers, cups, plates, etc.)
  • All trash must be disposed of in the proper receptacles. If you need additional trash cans or bags, please contact the Union Welcome Desk at x5415.
  • Groups must provide their own cleaning supplies as none will be provided.

Event Clean-up

  • If your function and/or clean-up continues past the Union’s building hours, then your organization will be assessed $15.00 per hour by the Union for a Building Manager. 
  • Sponsors (individual students, organizations or departments) using the kitchen may also be billed for additional clean up or damages which may necessitate the use of Building Services and/or Facilities Management. This will be determined by the Union Administration and will be billed at $30 per hour with a one hour minimum of cleaning. 

Conduct & Responsibility

  • Groups reserving space are accountable for the behavior of their guests and members. Any damages or personal injuries are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.
  • NO ALCOHOL is allowed in the Multipurpose Room/Kitchen, nor are students under the influence of any drugs or alcohol allowed to attend any function in the Multipurpose Room/Kitchen.  It is the responsibility of the sponsor to enforce this policy.  Failure to enforce this policy will result in the loss of privilege of future use of the Multipurpose Room/Kitchen by the sponsoring organization.

Decorations & Art Displays

  • Users are not allowed to use tape, nails, or poster putty on the walls, doors or windows of the Multipurpose Room/Kitchen. Users may apply MASKING/GAFFING TAPE ONLY to the metal frames of windows and doors.
  • When art is exhibited, please be careful and respectful of the displays. If an accident occurs and an art piece is damaged by you or one of your group members, please let the OMP and/or OIP staff know ASAP. Your group may be held liable for damages.
  • Flyers, posters, mass flyers, brochures, etc must be approved by the OMP and OIP staff prior to posting in the space. Leaving mass flyers on tables or in any of the rooms lying around on the floor or on tables is not allowed.
  • All Union decorating policies must be adhered to as well.  These policies can be found in the Student Activities Guide at
  • No candles/open flames are permitted to be used at anytime.

Equipment & Furniture

  • NO MOVING OF FURNITURE is allowed due to liability issues, as well as to minimize physical injury and damage to the premises or furniture. If a special set up is required, please make the set-up arrangements with the Union Administration office at the time of reservation.
  • NO DISCONNECTING OF CABLES.  The Multipurpose Room has a TV, VCR and CD player in the space.  Please DO NOT DISCONNECT ANY CABLE from these items.  The VCR is already hooked up ready for use.  If you have any problems or do not know how to use the VCR, please call the Office of Multicultural Programs or the Office of International Programming prior to the event.  All equipment brought to the space must be removed by the end of the event.  A storage fee will be assessed for any equipment stored in the Center past your event times.


  • All users accept full responsibility when reserving space, and agree that they or their organization are responsible for any damages incurred. Any damages found after an event will be assessed by the Union Administration Office and a bill will be forwarded to the organization and Senate.


  • All organizations using the Multipurpose Room/Kitchen will be responsible for the safety of their guests and members in the case of an emergency. Emergency Evacuation plans are posted in the center and are available upon request.


Let us respect the Multipurpose Room and Kitchen

Keep it clean and safe!

Thank you for your cooperation!