Promotion & Advertising

Harre Union Display Areas
Several bulletin boards and display cases are available for campus organizations, departments, and others to post notices and advertise campus events.

Glass Display Cases

 Space may be reserved for a 7 day period.

Bulletin Boards
There are four designated areas in the Harre Union for posting flyers. Materials must be submitted to the Union Administration Office - Suite 120 for approval and posting. Materials should be 11”x 17” or smaller.  Any materials not approved will be removed and discarded.

1)      North Entrance

2)      Campus Café

3)      1st Level East - Entrance

4)      2nd Level East - near stairs

Assigned bulletin boards are not to be used for general postings, i.e. Games and Recreations Center, Student Mail Services, and outside the Student Organization Suite. 

Outside chalk signs on sidewalks are permitted only in areas accessible to rainfall, thereby eliminating the necessity of university personnel to wash off the writing. Writing on the sides of buildings and references to alcohol are not permitted. Please check with the staff person responsible for posting polices in each building to determine individual building posting policies. Any violations may result in a cleaning fee for removal. 

Table Tent Advertising - Valparaiso Union

Table tents are placed on 50 tables in the seating and dining areas of the Union. Table Tents displays are three-pronged acrylic frames offering six advertising opportunities per frame for VU departments and Student Senate recognized organizations.

In an effort to provide a neat and tidy appearance in the Harre Union, the Union Advisory Board has developed the following policies in regards to Table Tent Advertising.

1.       Table Tent advertising space in the Union MUST BE RESERVED through the Union Administration Office and are available on a first-come/first-served basis. The Union staff will both place and remove the Table Tents. Unapproved Table Tents will be removed and discarded without notice.

2.       Table Tents are for advertising University related EVENTS only. Weekly meetings, general information, organization promotion, etc. are not considered events in this case and will not be approved.

3.       Content of a Table Tent must include:

·         group sponsoring the event

·         event title

·         event date

·         event time

·         event location

·         any additional comments

4.       Table Tents will be displayed weekly from Monday through Sunday. Final printed materials (50 copies) must be delivered to the Union Administration Office the Wednesday prior to the start date of the reservation.

5.       Table Tents can range in size from 4 ¼” x 5 ½” to 5”x7” (width x height.) Templates are available in Microsoft Publisher. Union Adworks can print and cut Table Tents for a fee. For Adworks to print the Table Tent, a final copy must be submitted to the Union Administration Office TEN DAYS prior to the start date of your reservation.

6.       It is highly recommended that you bring in a "sample" copy of the Table Tent to the Union Administration Office for approval prior to printing to verify all requirements are met.

7.       The Union is not responsible for approved Table Tents that are taken or removed.

8.       The Union staff reserves the right to limit the use of any department or organization that may be monopolizing Table Tent space.

Questions can be referred to the Union Administration Office at x5007 or the Union Associate Director at x5150.