Union Posting Policy

Materials should not to be affixed to the walls, windows, or doors of the Harre Union. All materials must be posted on/in bulletin boards or display cases. All materials must be approved in the Union Administration Office - Suite 120.

  1. Any person, group, business, or organization wanting to post a sign or announcement on or within the Harre Union must bring it to the Union Administration Office - Suite 120 to have it stamped, dated, and initialized.
  2. Materials may not be posted earlier than two weeks before the event.
  3. Unapproved notices or those posted in un-designated areas will be taken down.
  4. Off-campus postings are limited to the bulletin board located near the Student Mail Services' mailboxes. On-campus postings can be placed on the Off-campus bulletin board as well as on three other bulletin boards located in the Campus Café, the East entrance 1st floor, and the East entrance 2nd floor.
  5. Assigned boards are not to be used for general posting, i.e.: the Games and Recreation Area, the Student Mail Services, and outside the Student Organization Suite.
  6. Materials cannot be placed anywhere other than the designated areas.
  7. Any material advertising or promoting the use of alcohol and/or illegal substances will be prohibited.
  8. The Union Administration Office reserves the right to refuse to post materials it deems racist, discriminating, and/or sexist in nature.
  9. Materials larger than 11”x17” will require special consideration from the Union Administration Office before being posted within the Harre Union. Materials larger than 11”x17” are too large and diminish advertising capabilities on bulletin boards.
  10. In order to post material in any location other than those designated, permission must be received from the Union Administration Office.
  11. Campaign material may be posted in specific areas within the Union. These areas will be posted and made available prior to the elections. All campaign materials must follow Student Senate guidelines.
  12. The Union Administration Office approves postings only for the sake of keeping control of the number of posters in the building and for manageability and neatness.

Such notices do not have the endorsement of the University and should not be taken as sponsorship of the activity, organization, or entity which is advertised in the notice.