IT for Organizations

Student Senate approved organizations are eligible for shared network storage, an e-mail address, web space, and telephone resources. These administrative conveniences provide good service to members and a smooth transition when organization officers change. Posting to the Events Calendar and subscribing to IT Summit are also essential. See and the Guide to Resources for more detail.

Individual Novell Directory accounts (NDS) are necessary for each member of the organization who needs to access the shared space.
• Faculty advisor requests for the NDS logins for members who need access to the shared space. Include these items in the work request:
    (1) Name of each person who needs an account
    (2) Type of G: drive access: read-only or full access?
    (3) Time and day or workstation restrictions, if any. Include the ethernet address, VU tag number, and location of the workstations.

• Organization president (ID needed) places a service request for an e-mail address and shared folder at the Help Desk. Keep service request ticket number for reference.
• Faculty advisor sends confirmation of need for address to IT will enter the address in the alias table.
• Designate one (or more) person(s) to administer the shared folder; the individual(s) will be responsible for sharing the folder with the new members of the organization as necessary.
• To set permissions for an shared e-mail folder, account administrator must right click on the folder in Mulberry, then select properties. From the Folder Properties window click Sharing. In the Access Permissions window an administrator can add persons to have either Read, Write, Admin, or Post permission. (See Mulberry help files for permission definitions.)

Student Senate approved organizations and VU offices and affiliates should place a request for web space through the Help Desk. As stated in the web policies, "Requests from student organizations must be approved by the president of the student organization and the faculty advisor." On the next page are the steps to follow:

• Read the VU Web policy at for organization's responsibilities in content, in format, and under laws and regulations.
• Organization president (ID needed) places a service request for an organization Page Manager account at Help Desk in Schnabel Hall. Keep the HEAT ticket number for reference.
• Faculty advisor sends confirmation of need for account to
• Assign a Page Manager and send name to Alert Help Desk of turnover.
• Create the web pages and upload to the staging server. Strongly consider attending IT enrichment classes related to creating pages and maintaining a web site. See for more information.

Telephone resources--see also pages 10 - 11 in the Guide to Resources

Organizations may place requests through it.helpdesk for a number of services. Faculty advisors should confirm the requests through email.

• Telephone instrument
• Virtual voice mail box--listed number without an instrument
• Phone tree
• Expanded voice mail box capacity

• Request a mailing list managed by Majordomo software from after reading details for this request at:
• There are three moderated, general mailing lists: students, faculty, and staff. See in the VU Acceptable Use Policies at: for using these lists.

Events Calendar--for more detail see page 23 in the Guide to Resources 2004-05. To post send information to Allow sufficient lead time. Include for the descriptive link in addition to time, location, event title, etc. for VU community or community at large for the VU community

Campus Announcements
see page 24 in the Guide to Resources 2002-3
IT Summit, IT Enrichment, and Guide to Resources and

• A subscription to IT Summit--procedures, policies, tips, upgrades and new equipment, and national technology issues. This e-mail newsletter is delivered on Fridays. To subscribe send e-mail to In the message area type subscribe eisnews-l. Remove the signature.
• IT Enrichment--see for the schedule of free classes; topics of special interest to organizations include HTML, Dreamweaver, web site management, PowerPoint and other Office productivity software, and Mail Merge.
• Guide to Resources and first stop for technology questions. Guides may be picked up at computer clusters and at Schnabel Hall and Moellering Library.

Leadership Changeover Checklist
Taking these steps will help assure access for new activity officers or chairs and remove access for departing ones.

• NDS logins up-to-date?--mail Help Desk names of new people and departing ones; update any changes in restrictions for the logins.
• Sharing of e-mail folder correct? Account administrator enters Folder Properties and adds or removes usernames for sharing to assure that sharing privileges are correct.
• Page Manager name correct? Mail name of any new Page Manger to the Help Desk.
• Passwords secure? Enter new passwords for phone mail and web accounts with new leadership to keep accounts secure.
• Phone tree accurate? Follow voice prompts to make changes.
• Mailing lists accurate? Unsubscribe those who longer belong; for moderated lists, change the moderator, if necessary. List password can also be changed in the config file.