Maintenance Requests

Facilities Management Maintenance Requests

In an effort to centralize, reduce duplication and confusion regarding Maintenance Requests in the Harre Union, we are requesting that all requests be directed to the Union Administration Office (5007). This includes requests for maintenance repairs, heat/ac, housekeeping, etc. Regarding heat/ac any request that is not directed to our office will be automatically referred back to us for final approval. By following this format we will be able to track reoccurring problems and arrive at a quick and efficient solution.


  1. Other than heating/ac issues Dining Services will make all their requests directly to Facilities Management.
  2. All improvements (including painting) to an office space, which will be funded by that office, will be made directly to Facilities Management. We would appreciate notification so that we can keep track what is going on in the Union.

We look forward to accommodating everyone’s requests and making your experience in the Harre Union a positive one. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation. If you have any issues regarding this policy please feel free to contact our office.