When a professional entertainer’s services are being used, it is required that a contract be drawn up in order to protect both parties.

A contract is a legal document and should be treated as such. When a contract is signed, you are agreeing to certain requirements which must be met. If you do not meet these requirements, you are liable. This is also true if the performer does not meet the contract requirements.

Before entering into a contract, be sure that all necessary funds are available and the space where you wish to hold the event is available. Do not book any performers before you know that you have the space. It can be very embarrassing to engage a performer and then find out that you don’t have a space for them to perform. You should make sure that you check with the Union Director’s Office and reserve the necessary space and equipment. We encourage you to meet with a member of the Union staff and discuss the activity and what is needed to make the activity successful. Students are not authorized to sign contracts. You should bring all contracts to the Union Director’s Office and have them signed by a member of the staff. Single engagement contracts and riders are available in the Director’s Office. These can be used for most any performers, including speakers, DJ’s, bands, etc. You must make sure that you have the correct social security number/FEI number and address in order to pay an individual or group.

In the event an outside agency issues a contract, be sure to carefully read each and every clause of the contract. These contracts must be obtained at least 3 weeks in advance to ensure compliance. It is advised that you consult with the Union Director’s Office for a rider to be attached to the contract. This will explain what we will do and what we will not do in regards to the contract requests. These contracts must be signed by the Director’s Office. Some of these contracts can be very involved and may require some very complex set-ups. It is important that we look at these contracts and make sure we can meet all the requirements as well as make sure the University is protected.

(See appendix for appropriate contracts)