Student Organization Office Use Agreement

1.       General

A)     Organizations with space in the Student Organization Suite are reminded that allocation of office space is a privilege. The Student Organization Suite Advisory Board reserves the right to remove organizations from an allocated office or storage space for violating policies stated in this document. Any disputes regarding the use of office space will be referred to the Union Advisory Board through the Union Director for resolution.

B)      Student Organization offices are solely for the use of Valparaiso University students, faculty or staff who are members of that Organization. Assignment of the office space is made for the operating purposes of the Organization, and any use by any other individuals or organizations without the express written consent of the Student Organization Suite Advisory Board is prohibited. Any other use will result in cancellation of the assignment of space.

C)     The Union Staff reserves the right to enter Student Organization Offices at any time.

D)     Student Organizations are to use the space assigned as not to interfere in any way with the normal use of adjacent organizations, areas and offices.

E)      It is the Organization's responsibility to inform all persons using their space of these policies. The officer signing this agreement signs on behalf of the Organization and accepts the responsibility of conveying and enforcing these policies.

F)       Student Organizations must notify the Union Director’s Office and Student Senate of any change in the contact information for their organization. Throughout the year, important information will need to be disseminated to the organizations and we will use the contact person provided to Student Senate. The Union will not be responsible for the loss of or misdirected information that results from not having an updated contact person.


2.      Care and Maintenance of Office Areas

A)    As tenants of the Harre Union, all individuals, students and staff, have a responsibility to maintain the facility. Do not apply anything to the wall, window, or door that might cause permanent damage. No alterations to the physical space are permitted, including but not limited to painting offices, altering light fixtures or electrical apparatus, fastening any structure to any physical surface in the office, etc. Violating this policy may result in the loss of office space.

B)     Any damages to floors, walls, windows, doors, etc. should be reported as soon as possible to the Union Associate Director. Spills of any kind should be immediately reported to housekeeping or Valparaiso Union staff. Soft drinks, coffee, and tea stains are most damaging and need immediate attention.

C)    Student organizations and staff are expected to be diligent relative to the maintenance of their office space. All housekeeping, maintenance, and operational needs should be conveyed to the Union Associate Director for coordination with appropriate campus departments.

D)    Floors, tables and desks are to be kept clean and free of debris.

E)     For pest control purposes and general cleanliness, storage of food items is not permitted. Please dispose of food waste and empty containers daily in public trash containers located throughout the building. Please recycle.

1)       Individuals may bring food in for their personal consumption, but are not allowed to have food delivered.

2)       No food for public or group consumption (other than food provided by University Dining Services) may be brought into the Union without submitting a Food Release Waiver to Dining Services.

F)      Before any office equipment or furniture is added or removed, contact the Union Associate Director for approval.  Equipment that requires electrical power may be limited due to power loads and local codes.

G)    All entrances and exits must always be kept open for fire and emergency egress.

H)    Organizations are not to cover the windows on the doors of the offices or place any items in the exterior windows.

I)       Anything being stored in the offices must be in boxes or plastic storage containers.

J)       Failure to keep offices reasonably neat and clean may result in the revoking of office space.


3.       Sharing of Office Space

A)     Multiple organizations may be assigned to an office, and multiple organizations may be assigned to one desk. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful of those organizations sharing space. Please do not borrow materials or supplies without permission.

B)      Valuables should not be left on or in the desks as neither the desks nor offices are lockable spaces. Security of the offices and belongings is the responsibility of each organization. The Valparaiso Union is not responsible for any items lost, stolen, or damaged from any office at any time.

C)     Meetings should be held in one of the conference rooms within the suite or Union meeting rooms, and not in the offices or suite as to not disturb the other organizations sharing the office.


4.       Student Organization Suite Computers

A)     Computers in the suite are meant for student organization work. A student wanting to use the computer for organization work will have preferential treatment over a student using the computer for personal use.

B)      Users are not permitted to save any data to the computer hard drive and must supply their own storage medium (floppy, jump drive).

C)     No installation of any programs is permitted or possible on these computers.

D)    We recommend not having drinks without caps/lids by the computer workstations.

E)     Computer stations are not a private area and can never be closed or blocked off.


5.       Student Organization Suite Workspace

A)     Supplies are available in the Student Organization Suite workroom, furnished by Student Senate.

B)      Supplies are to be used for student organization purposes only. Any misuse of supplies will be brought to the Student Organization Suite Advisory Board. Privilege to use the workspace can be revoked for the entire organization.

C)     Workspace is a public space and can never be closed or blocked off for a single organization.


6.       Mailboxes & Phones

A)    Mailboxes for all Student Organizations on campus are provided by Student Senate and are located in the hallway of the Student Organization Suite. Please see Student Senate for further guidelines and regulations.

B)     Phones will be available in the Student Organization Suite for public use. The phones are local phones only. The Union does not supply long distance on these phones. Organizations wishing to place long distance calls must purchase their own phone card from their own funds.

C)    All organizations are responsible for setting up their own voice mailbox through Information Technology (IT). The extension and password should be communicated to all members that will be responsible for checking phone messages.


7.       After Hours Access

A)     Student organization offices will be available to all members of the organization during Union building hours.

B)      Access into the Student Organization Suite after building hours will be through card swipe. Organizations must supply Student Senate with an access list each semester by filling out the Access Form on the VU Union website ( Access lists should contain up to five members of the organization that will receive after hour’s access. Lists will only be accepted from the President or Vice President of the organization. The card reader will be wiped clean at the end of each semester so if no access list is submitted, no one from your organization will have access to the suite outside normal building hours.

C)     Each time a new member needs to be added to your organization's list, a new alphabetical list needs to be resubmitted. Lists submitted by anyone other than the President or Vice-President, or those lists not in alphabetical order, will be returned.

D)     Please allow up to ten business days for updates to be posted.