Desk & Storage Space Applications

Harre Union Student Organization Suite - Office and Storage Space Applications

Student Organizations, recognized by Student Senate, are welcome to apply for office and storage space in the Student Organization Suite (SOS) located on the second floor of the Harre Union. The suite offers many different types of work and storage space for organizations to work, play, and stay organizated throughout the year! Anyone is welcome to stop by the SOS front desk for a tour of the space before submitting applications.

Office Space
Semi-private office space
is a shared desk space between three-six student organizations. This space includes shared desk space, one overhead cabinet, and one file cabinet.
Lobby space includes a cubical located in the SOS lobby. This space includes unshared desk space, two overhead cabinets and one file cabinet.

Storage Space
are located in the basement of the union as well as in the suite storage area. Cages are used for storing of large items that would not fit into a locker (i.e. rakes, sound equipment, storage bins, etc...). There are six cages in the basement and seven in the suite storage area.
Lockers are available for organiations who need to store small items (i.e. radios, paperwork, folders, binders, badges, keys, etc...). There are 20 lockers available in the suite storage area.
File Cabinets are available for organizations wishing to storing documents or paperwork or small items. They can also be used for storing historical documents for record keeping.

Download application here.

*To be eligible for storage space in the SOS, student organizatoins must be a recognized University organization through Student Senate. For questions, stop by their office located in the SOS, room 232.

*Applications will be available at the SOS front desk in January and are due before spring break. Completed forms may be returned to the SOS front desk.


Angela Zemke
Assistant Director
Student Activities and Volunteer Program
Phone: 219-464-5351

~Granting of office space will be determined by the Student Organization Suite Advisory Committee (SOSAC). Granting of storage space will be determined by the Union Administration staff.