More about CORE

The Valpo Core's purpose is to welcome new students into academic life.

The Core curriculum and its faculty will guide you in…

  • Discovering where you come from, where you are, and where you are going.
  • Exploration of the most essential aspects of human existence -- creation, coming of age, citizenship, love, vocation, and loss
  • Connection and exchange of ideas with great teachers and great texts drawn from both Eastern and Western traditions
  • Preparing to succeed in this increasingly interconnected world and to live a meaningful life of leadership and service in it.
  • Introduction to cultures and traditions other than your own
  • Assistance in making connections between people, ideas, feelings, times, gender, race, class, and cultures
  • Developing the skills necessary to thrive in your studies:
  • Close reading, critical thinking, speaking, and especially writing
  • Skill at retrieving, evaluating, and managing information as you hook up to the rest of the world through our library and electronic information services

What are the best things about Core?

  • Great teaching
  • Great place to meet your first friends outside of your wing in the dorm
  • Great books, like Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone and Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God
  • Great films, like Selma and Billy Elliot
  • Great discussion of real issues and the real world with real people
  • Great way to explore your vocation and career options with the worker profile paper
  • Great course for learning how to read and write and discuss issues at the college level

How can I succeed in Core?

  • Go to class everyday and come with a question.
  • Be brave: try new things, open every book as if it’s the one that will change your life.
  • Take yourself and your classmates seriously: most people only get one shot at a college education, so make the most of that shot.
  • Listen to others and enjoy what happens inside and outside of the classroom, because these things are related.
  • Be open to new perspectives from people of diverse backgrounds.