How might writing in the Core be different from high school?

Although there are specific writing rules for your major, we are all interested in seeing how your writing contributes to your learning in new ways. We are interested in depth over breadth, how you are raising new questions, new assertions, getting your fingers dirty, up to your elbows, with the issues and ideas in our class. While in high school you may have focused on "learning to write," the "write to learn" nature of the Core will allow you to go beyond writing formulas to produce and share our most important meanings.

You write all the time, but not always formal papers and not always for a grade. Writing in the Core is like sketching in an art class—you do it all the time. You write four formal papers each semester, and the first draft goes to a group of peers, for their comments. The second draft goes to the professor for his or her perspective, and the third draft gets turned in finally in a portfolio. Some of the papers are traditional academic papers, some are more personal, and some are a combination of the two. The most interesting paper to write for most students is the worker profile, done in the Spring semester.