Paul Krause - Featured VAN Member

We've all seen the medical shows where the doctors pull up the big defibrillators in order to shock a patient's heart back to normal. Now picture that same life-saving force coming from a device about the size of a deck of cards. Amazing, huh? For VU Alumnus Paul Krause, not only is it amazing, but its one of the many awesome projects he works to develop on a daily basis.

Paul Krause

Paul, an Electrical Engineering major while at Valpo, works in the Cardiac Rhythm Management Division of Medtronic, Inc in Minneapolis. As a Biomedical Engineer, he is involved in the design of pacemakers and implantable defibrillators. Whether someone's heart is beating too fast or too slow, Paul confers with physicians to help create products that save lives and reduce pain. It's a job that's just as challenging as it is rewarding, and Paul gives a lot of credit for his success to Valpo.

While at VU, he notes how Dr. Dan Goodman in the Electrical Engineering Department helped get him into the field of medical devices. Using his solid engineering background, he acquired his Master's Degree from the University of Minnesota in Biomedical Engineering and interned at the acclaimed Mayo Clinic. Today, Paul not only works at Medtronic, but he gives back to VU through covering college fairs and contacting prospective students in engineering. He's an alumnus who truly puts his heart into what he does-whether it be for Valpo or for all those lives he helps through his work.