News - 4/27/09

Provost honored for service

Dr. Roy Austensen, provost and vice president for academic affairs, was recognized following the Valpo Authors Reception on April 16 for his academic leadership at the University since assuming his position in 1992.

Dr. Austensen is retiring from his position at the end of the academic year and will return to full-time teaching following a year's leave of absence.

Valparaiso Kemper scholars announced

This past week, Valparaiso’s new Kemper scholars for the class of 2012 were informed on their selection into this prestigious program. Andrew Jarratt of Grafton, Wisconsin and Claude Renner of Phoenix, Arizona, will participate in a program that provides them with scholarship money for school, as well as internships in Chicago and around the world.

Candidates for the Kemper Scholarship “must be first-year students enrolled full-time at a Kemper Scholar Institution”, of which Valparaiso is included. The Kemper Foundation “is looking for unusually mature students with broad interests and a record of academic achievement, extracurricular activity, community service, and leadership ability”. The Foundation “hopes to foster future leaders who pursue a vigorous, broad undergraduate education while participating in community service, engaging in campus activities, and exploring their vocational calling outside the classroom”.

“It’s very exciting to get the opportunity to be in this program,” says Andrew Jarratt (Humanities, Computer Science VU’12), “The application process is very long and tedious, but the benefits well outweigh the costs”. Generally, every school has one scholar per year, but the Valpo class of 2012, as well as the class of 2009, had two scholars selected.

Kemper Scholars receive annual financial assistance of $3000 to $8000 depending on need. They are also given the opportunity to live and work in Chicago at in internship in a non-profit organization during their post-sophomore year summer, and then at a for- or non-profit organization during their post-junior year summer. Scholars receive financial assistance during these internships. Andrew and Claude, as well as current Kemper Scholars, will also be attending the Kemper Scholars Conference annually throughout their undergraduate time at Valpo.

Marketing and communication reorganization announced

Last week, President Mark Heckler announced a reorganization of Valpo's marketing and communication operations following a review of those areas by a consultant group.

The new organization will consolidate personnel currently working in a half dozen different offices into a single unit, which will provide greater unity to Valpo's marketing and communication efforts.

In the new organization, the current units of University Marketing, University Relations, Institutional Advancement Communications, the Web Services unit of Information Technology, and communications staff in the School of Law and the Department of Athletics will be consolidated into three primary units within the Office of Integrated Marketing and Communications: Creative Services, Public Relations and Client Services.

Creative Services will be the production unit, providing leadership in graphic design, photography, and writing for marketing materials and the Web. Public Relations will provide leadership in media relations, internal communication and coordination of special events. Staff in Client Services will serve as the liaison between the Office of Integrated Marketing and Communications and the campus clients it serves. Communications personnel in the law school and athletics will be a formal part of this unit but will be physically housed in their current locations; other personnel will be relocated over the course of the next several months to a single location.

The unit will be headed by a vice president for integrated marketing and communications reporting to the president. Dick Maddox, vice president for institutional advancement, will serve as interim vice president for integrated marketing and communications while the University prepares for a national search that will identify a person to head this new unit. Maddox will serve as chief executive marketing officer during the interim period.

Kathleen Zelkowitz has been named executive director of integrated marketing and communications and will aid in supervising marketing and communications staff during the transition period. The executive director will act as the chief marketing operations officer with responsiblies for supervising the unit, achieving outcomes and overseeing brand and marketing research.

Staff will be consolidated into a common space in order to enhance the sharing of responsibilities and improve communication, both within the unit and as a single point of contact for the campus community. The new unit will be housed in the space in Harre Union currently occupied by the construction manager for that project. Staff will move into this space by August 1.

"While the current structure served the institution well for many years, the collective vision we have developed for the University’s future and the increasing pressure to enhance our visibility in the marketplace of prospective students and donors dictates that we create an organization that brings greater focus and increased cohesiveness in our efforts," President Heckler said.

The president noted that given the constraints of the current fiscal environment, the consolidation will be accomplished by reallocating existing resources within the University.