Who Makes a Successful VAN Member?
  • Valpo Admission Network members are VU alumni, Guild members, and parents of Valpo students.
  • They are expected to be familiar with the University's basic facts and must abide by the ethical recruiting standards of our professional association (NACAC -- see "Statement of Principles of Good Practice").
  • VAN members should provide feedback about University projects and activities to the VAN Director.
  • VAN members are encouraged to attend on-campus or regional University events and should spread the word about Valpo whenever possible.
  • They should always present a positive and accurate representation of the University, and be familiar with VU's academic standards for admission of students. However they cannot discuss a prospective student's potential admission to the University.
  • Campus visits and the University's website (www.valpo.edu) should be promoted often.
  • At college fairs, VAN members should...
    • Be approachable and friendly (a smile and handshake are great ice-breakers).
    • Establish eye contact with persons interested in learning more about VU.
    • Not stand in front of the tables at college fairs nor solicit interest from persons standing at other colleges' tables.
    • Be honest! Don't answer a question if you truly don't know the right answer (but offer to find out the answer and then follow up).
    • Answer an interested student's questions and stay focused on their interests.
    • Make each person interested in VU feel important.
    • Dress professionally but not too "stuffy."
    • Be on time, if not early, to recruitment events!

Valpo Admission Network volunteers provide whatever services they can to assist the Admission Office with their recruitment efforts! We realize our volunteers are precious commodities and we value any contribution each one can make.

Join the VAN!

With thanks to our friends at the Annapolis Institute Round Table for providing suggestions for this description!