Jason Holly & Algren

 Jason Holly

Jason Holly, 2nd from left. 

During their time at Valpo, four guys were brought together through involvement in their fraternity. Now that they’ve all graduated, they’re back together in Chicago—reunited through music. For Jason Holly (VU ’03), Jonathan Iseman (VU ’04), Aaron Priest (VU ’04), and Ben Brown (VU ’05), their rock n’ roll band Algren allows them to both maintain their Valpo connections while making some great “face-melting” music.

Jason, Jonathan, and Aaron got their start together back when they were still at Valpo playing in a band called Amici. From getting some airtime on the campus radio station WVUR to performing at events like VU’s Battle of the Bands and Songfest, the three guys made a name for themselves on campus. After graduation, they went their separate ways, but not for long. Soon, Jason, Jonathon, and Ben started up a new band with a similar style called Algren, and now the band is growing big in the Chicago music scene. Booking numerous gigs in bars and clubs while adding Aaron back into the lineup in March, Algren is ever increasing its popularity in the Windy City. In fact they’ve advanced to the next round in a year long Battle of the Bands in Chicago and have been featured on 97.9 FM The Loop.

While this “Band of Brothers” loves to perform on stage, they’ve still got other jobs to hold down as well. When he’s not playing bass guitar, Jason works as an Admissions Counselor at Chicago-Kent College of Law. Jonathon trades in his guitar to manage money and real estate at Chicago Title. Aaron is finishing up his second year of law school at Chicago-Kent College of Law after spending last summer as a law intern in Beijing, China. And Ben does client investing and lending at Citibank when he’s not rocking out on the drums.

Looking back on their days at Valpo, these alumni note just how valuable the classes and opportunities were to prepare students for the “real world”. From studying abroad to working as an Orientation Assistant, Valpo will always have a special place in their memories. When asked what one piece of advice he would give to future Valpo students, Ben replied, “HAVE FUN!”—not surprising since that’s exactly what he and his three fraternity brothers get a chance to do everyday with their music.

Check out Algren on their website www.myspace.com/algrenmusic.