Lindsie Jung 

Lindsie Jung 
Lindsie Jung (second from right)

For VAN member Lindsie Jung, interesting experiences are an everyday occurrence. From answering question after question from inquisitive children to providing life-saving medical care for them, Lindsie's work as a registered nurse at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago not only keeps her on her toes but also has been extremely rewarding.

As a hematology/oncology/stem cell transplant registered nurse, every day Lindsie is an integral part of a medical team helping children with a variety of illnesses. Besides taking vital signs and performing various clinical tasks, she also administers a variety of medications including chemotherapy and works with multiple disciplines to manage all aspects of patient care. Through patient and family education, she also is able to form bonds with many of the families in the hospital. She notes just how great the job is as it allows her to meet many inspiring people while also getting involved in various community events to raise funds and awareness.

Whether working the busier day shifts or the critical night shifts, Lindsie recognizes that her education at Valpo helped provide her with the experience and knowledge necessary for success in her career. Her Senior Nursing Practicum placed her on the same unit where she now works providing her with hands-on experience along with connections to other nurses and managers at the hospital. Along with that, a minor in Spanish at VU helped prepare Lindsie to work with Hispanic patients if interpreters are not available.

Although she remembers fondly her days at VU filled with exciting basketball games and residence hall fun, this 2005 graduate has taken her Valpo Experience and transformed it into a successful career that not only benefits her, but helps so many others as well.