College Fairs: Memorize the Facts and Do's and Don'ts
You have done such a great job representing Valparaiso University at college fairs this year. Here are a few very important reminders for those with fairs coming up, and for those who might be considering taking on a college fair for us this spring:

  Update yourself on the Valpo Fast Facts!

  1. Attire : suits, dresses, comfortable shoes ; a 3-button VU shirt and nice slacks is fine. Your VAN Namebadge.
  2. Arrive at the fair 15-30 minutes early to set up your table. Use the picture in the binder to guide the table's layout.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Stand behind the table at all times (required by NACAC, the National Association of College Admission Counseling, our professional organization). NACAC guidelines also state that we may not speak to, nor gesture to, students at another college's table.
  4. Do not speak about a student's admissibility ; there is so much involved in this decision and only the counseling staff is permitted to address this concern. Encourage all students to apply for admission so that the admission counselors can do their job. You can point out test score ranges and such from the Fast Facts sheet, but tell the student you cannot tell them whether their score is too low or if they'd qualify for scholarships.
  5. Never say anything like, “I majored in women and beer” even if trying to be funny; it may offend the students or parents.
  6. Another NACAC standard states that we may not put any give-aways on our table. This includes dishes of candy, pens, or Valpo paraphernalia you may have at home. Please use only the materials we send you.
  7. The Admission staff and volunteers must provide athletes with the same kind of information that we provide non-athletes – do not differentiate and don't “talk sports”. If they want to participate in a sport at VU, direct them to the website ( to connect with the coach and complete an online form.
  8. Try to get every student to complete a reply card so they get on our mailing list!
  9. Please complete the blue college fair evaluation form. It is invaluable to us for the justification of the investment in the fair and for feedback about the interest level in that area. Our vice president looks at the numbers and our counselors need the feedback and comments you share.