Top Ten List for Greek Life at Valparaiso University

10. Since 1903, Greek-letter organizations at VU have been an integral part of campus life. Currently there are 9 national fraternities and 6 national sororities. In the fall of 2006 we welcomed our first national multicultural sorority, Delta Xi Phi.

9. 30-35% of the Valpo student population is affiliated with Greek life on campus.

8. We are a deferred recruitment campus, meaning that freshmen may join a Greek-letter organization after their first semester on campus with a 2.25 cumulative grade point average. Our formal membership recruitment for both men and women takes place in January.

7. Since 1997 the Greeks have been highly engaged in community service and philanthropy work and have done 162,410 hours of service.

6. 75% of the members of student organizations on campus are students affiliated with Greek-letter organizations.

5. Since 1999 our Greek Life community has won over 16 national awards. A few examples are: Mid-American Greek Council Association “Self-Governance and Judicial Affairs,” Mid American Greek Council Association “Risk Reduction and Management Award”, National Panhellenic Conference “Overall Excellence Award,” and the Association of Fraternity Advisors “Cultural Change Award.”

4. Scholarship is our number one priority, with the all-sorority average for the spring 2006 at 3.304 and the all-fraternity average for the spring 2006 at 3.00.

3. When our Greek Life community was surveyed in the fall of 2000 the top three reasons students chose to go Greek were friendships, campus involvement, and sisterhood/brotherhood.

2. Greek-letter organizations at Valparaiso University are recognized for the purposes of providing students a small group living and learning experience, facilitating growth in the areas of scholarship, personal and leadership development, campus and community service involvement, and clarification of values.

1. The tagline for our Greek Life community is “Leaders, Scholars, Friends for Life.”