Safety at Valpo

Valparaiso University gives highest priority to the safety and security of members of the campus community. A variety of plans and procedures are in place to maintain a safe environment. Among the plans are those maintained by the Valparaiso University Police Department that details emergency response procedures, by the Office of Safety that provides ongoing monitoring and evaluation of safety in buildings and on campus, by the Office of Residential Life that focuses on security and conduct in residential facilities, and by the Office of Information Technology and Office of University Relations, which have plans for emergency communication to the campus and larger community of constituents. In addition, members of the campus community are made aware of support provided by other offices, such as the Office of Counseling Services, and by personnel in the Chapel of the Resurrection.

Several years ago, then-President Harre appointed a Disaster Preparedness Group and charged them with the task of reviewing all existing plans, assuring that a wide variety of potential emergencies have been addressed, and integrating the individual plans into a University-wide Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. In reality, the work of this group is never-ending. As emergencies develop or tragedy unfolds at other institutions of higher education or venues where large numbers of people are gathered, the campus groups meet formally and informally to discuss “lessons learned” and make revisions to Valpo's plans as appropriate. Numerous such discussions have taken place since the tragedy at Virginia Tech.