10 Simple Ways to Help VU and the VAN
  1. If you have a job change, move, get a new phone number or email address, marry or have a baby, send this information to alumni@valpo.edu and copy admissions.network@valpo.edu so that we can both update our files.
  2. Have lunch with a few other alumni in your town to get to know each other!
  3. Take every opportunity to don your "Valpo-wear" for events around town and subtly let others know how proud you are of this place.
  4. Attend VU sporting events or music concerts in your area and introduce yourself to the students and staff there.
  5. Attend a Summer Send-Off if there's one announced in or near your community.
  6. Check in on your town's "parents of new VU students" once their kids are moved onto campus. They'll appreciate your attention.
  7. Pass on our Admission mailings or your Valpo magazine to a prospective student or to your church or high school.
  8. Call or email your favorite Valpo professor and catch him/her up on your life since you graduated.
  9. If you haven't been here in awhile, plan to visit campus sometime this year.
  10. Encourage other VU alumni, parents & friends to join the Valpo Admission Network!

As with any VAN program, feedback is appreciated! If you feel we can do something to streamline a project, please let us know! Admissions.network@valpo.edu