Past VITAL Workshops

VITAL Workshops


05/19/2014 Holistic Departments - What Are They, and Should Universities Have Them Guest Speaker Lynn Hunnicutt, Peter Kanelos, Jim Brodzinski, Rick Gillman, the VITAL staff, Pete Johnson, Gary Morris, Sandra Bleza
04/22/2014 Faculty Learning Community Presentation: 
  • The Flipped Classroom
  • Backwards Design

Melissa Desjarlais and Alex Capaldi
Lydia Brauer

03/27/2014 Fundamentals in Grant Proposal Budget Development Rasha Abed
03/19/2014 Teaching Through Performance Actors from Shakespeare troupe
02/18/2014 Building a Culture of Equity and Inclusion Diversity Concerns Committee faculty, staff, students
01/07/2014 Blackboard Open House Jodie Reminder
11/02/2013 Symposium on Innovative Pedagogy Guest Speaker Eric Mazur and faculty panels
10/04/2013 Using New Blackboard Features in Your Teaching Jodie Reminder
08/23/2013 MOOCs:  More Questions than Answers Guest Speaker Keith Devlin, VITAL staff, David Rowland
05/20/2013 Cheating or Sharing? Academic Ethics across Cultures Guest Speaker Anne Hayner and faculty panel
04/23/2013 Targeted Research and Evaluation Assistance for Teaching Students Library Services faculty
02/28/2013 Get to Know the Office of Sponsored Research Rasha Abed
01/08/2013 Teaching Fair Valpo faculty and staff
11/29/2012 How Instructional Design Can Improve Your Department: A Valpo Case Study Jen Gregory
10/30/2012 Thomas Lynch's The Undertaking: Life Studies from the Dismal Trade Faculty Book Discussion
10/12/2012 Measuring Student Learning in Your Classes Faculty Panel
10/4/2012 Testing the Test: Using Multiple Choice Tests to Measure Student Learning and the Effectiveness of Instruction Gary Morris
05/21/2012 How to Work with Student Writing in any Discipline (Without Killing Yourself under the Paper Load) Guest speaker Barbara Walvoord Student Writing
04/12/2012 Targeted Research and Evaluation Assistance for Teaching Students Faculty from Library Services TREATS
02/22/2012 Time Management Cynthia Rutz and panel Time Management
10/18/2011 Working with Students with Disabilities Sherry DeMik and a panel of faculty and DSS students Disability Support Services
8/19/2011 How the University Works, Part IV:  The Future of Faculty Work Guest Speaker Andrew Delbanco, Kraig Olejniczak, Mike Owens, Randa Duvick, Darron Farha

How the University Works, Part III:  How We Recurited Them, How We'll Retain Them

Boyd Bradshaw, Jennifer Jones-Hall, Shelly Kooi, Greg Stinson, Tricia White Recruiting and Retaining Students at VU
4/7/2011 Achieving Tenure at VU:  "What You Need to Know" Jon Kilpinen, Tenure Committee panelists Tenure Process
3/24/2011 "If You Build It (In), They Will Learn":  Information Literacy Tips to Enhance Your Teaching and Using ACRL Standards to Assist with Assessment Robert Vega Information Literacy
2/15/2011 Short-Term Study Trips Julie Maddox, Susan Drinan Study Trips
1/17/2011 MLK Day Book Discussion:  Outcast United by Lumah Mufleh Cynthia Rutz Social Justice and Sports
12/1/2010 Working with International Students Lynn Grantz International Students
11/17/2010 Learning About the Qur'an Faisal Kutty International and Religious Understanding
8/20/2010 How the University Works, Part II: Valpo's Grad Program and How Do We Market the University
Guest Speaker Louis Menand, David Rowland, Scott Ochander
5/17/2010 How the University Works, Part I:  Enrollment Management and the Basics of University Financing Mark Schwehn, Susan Scroggins, Kami Woody, Boyd Bradshaw
4/1/2010 Improving Your Advising Skills Ann Trost, Holly Singh, Janice Lin, Jennifer Guziewicz, Julie Maddox, Kathy Gibson, Nancy Scannell Advising Skills
Spring 2010 Faculty Discussion Series
Notes from Course Policies Discussion
Notes from Digital Generation Discussion
Notes from Mixed-Age Classroom Discussion
Notes from Writing Assignments Discussion
Brown Bag Discussion with Faculty Digital Generation
Course Policies
Writing Assignments
Mixed-Age Classroom
12/10/2009 Course Planning and Grading for Learning and Assessment Various Assessment
11/3/2009 Mentoring Undergraduate Scholarship in the Humanities Bonita Neff, Lissa Yogan, Stephanie Johnson, Gretchen Buggeln, Matt Ringenberg, Bruce Hrivnak
5/18/2009 Enriching VU Through International Students Mark Schwehn, panelists
4/3/2009 Sexual Orientation:  Making VU a More Welcoming Place Mark Heckler, small group facilitators
1/5/2009 Assessment Workshop Guest Speak Barbara Walvoord Assessment