Parking lots on campus are designated for special uses and are identified by color-coding. Holders of vehicle registration permits are restricted to parking in areas identified by a color that matches the color on their registration decal. Such areas may be identified by more than one color. Designated parking areas are marked by signage and the following color-coding:

Yellow Yellow - staff (all Valparaiso University Employees)

Orange - ALL commuter students *including freshmen living off-campus*

Blue - resident Sophomores and Juniors

Red - resident Freshmen

Blue/Orange - Resident Seniors-may park in any blue or orange lots

visitor Temporary Visitor

Special parking areas are provided as a privilege for Valparaiso University students and employees. Operators of registered vehicles have the privilege of parking in specified areas, but having a registered vehicle does not ensure the availability of a parking space. The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator. Vehicle registration may be revoked for persons who are repeated violators of traffic and parking regulations.

A legal parking space is defined as an area specifically designated for parking and typically defined by parking blocks and/or painted surface lines and/or indicated with appropriate signage. Areas not identified as parking areas should be construed as "NO PARKING " zones. Parking on campus is prohibited on grass and in areas where it would mar landscaping, create a safety hazard and interfere with the use of University facilities. Such areas include, but are not limited to, posted no parking zones, yellow zones, fire lanes and access areas, crosswalks, sidewalks, hash mark areas, areas designed for special vehicles or other special uses and roadways serving parking lots and buildings. Parking in spaces marked for the disabled are restricted to vehicles identified with appropriate tags or license plates or a special indicator issued by the Valparaiso University Police Department.

The person to whom a vehicle is registered on campus is accountable for parking violations with that vehicle, including the unauthorized use of an assigned registration decal. Registration decals issued to employees provide parking privileges only for the employee; it is a violation of parking regulations for a non-employee driving a vehicle registered by an employee to park in a parking area designated for employees.

*Vehicles that display a parking decal that is registered to a different vehicle will be considered falsified or unauthorized transfer of registration. Both parties will be cited.

University-owned vehicles are provided access to all parking areas as necessary to provide appropriate services to campus facilities.