Transportation Service

Valparaiso University Police established a Transportation Service (VUTS) on the Valparaiso University campus through the academic year to enhance security and to increase crime prevention services already in operation.  There is no charge for the service.

The vans are equipped with a mobile two-way communication system that provides immediate access to the University Police Department.

How It Works

TheTransportation Service provides transports from one point to another point on campus or nearby off-campus areas. This includes all academic buildings and residence halls. This daily service is available from 6:00p.m. to 2:a.m.

When requesting transportation, the students are encouraged to call in their request early enough to allow ample time. Several requests may need to be met within the same time frame. Students needing the service should call 464-6040.

The Drivers

The drivers work under the supervision of the Valparaiso University Police Department. They can be identified by a photo identification badge worn on their person. All drivers have been trained to operate the vans and have completed an in-service training program conducted by the Valparaiso University Police Department.