Appeal of Traffic & Parking Citations

Appeals of traffic or parking citations must be made within seven calendar days of issuance of the citation on properly completed forms which are available at the Valparaiso University Police Department. The Parking and Traffic Committee will adjudicate all appeals. Appeals will be considered only for properly registered vehicles. $50 will be removed from the assessment of an unregistered citation if the violation is paid within 7 business days of issuance of the citation.

Appeals may not be made for citations exceeding seven days old or citations involving violations for unauthorized parking in zones reserved for the physically disabled, parking in fire lanes/zones, and unregistered vehicles.

Decisions on appeals to the Parking and Traffic Committee are final and must be complied with within ten days of notification or the vehicle may be impounded. Individuals will be responsible for any citations received during the appeals process.

The Parking and Traffic Committee reports to the President of Valparaiso University and acts as an advisory body to the President on matters pertaining to traffic management and parking on campus. Parking regulations are put into effect by action of the President under authority granted by the Board of Directors of the University. Correspondence regarding traffic and parking regulations may be directed to the committee by writing the:

Valparaiso University Police Department
816 Union Street
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383

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