Core Writing Workshop

WC_20135th hour approved!

This writing workshop is designed specifically for Core students as they work on their argumentative essays for the Education Unit.  Peer Tutors will be available to talk with writers about any stage of the writing process.  In addition to helping you think more carefully about audience, context, and purpose, we’ll talk to you about

  • understanding the assignment
  • Focusing in on what you have to say
  • Organizing, transitioning
  • Development (or, how to get from page 3 ½ pages to 6!)
  • Using and Citing Sources in MLA

Bring your drafts, assignment sheets, evaluative rubrics, and your questions—we’re looking forward to talking with you about your essay!


When:  Tues. 29 Oct., 7:00-8:00pm

Where:  The Writing Center--Christopher Center, 1st floor

Treats Provided!