Do you want to grow as a writer this semester? ¬†Consider attending one or more of the Spring 2017 Writing Center Workshops or Writing Conversations. Drop by the Writing Center on the first floor of the Christopher Center at the scheduled workshop and conversation times and join the conversation, or reserve seats on our Writing Center schedule: by selecting “Writing Workshops & Conversations” from the drop-down menu labelled “Choose a Schedule.” ¬†For more information, contact Prof. Salena Anderson, Director of the Writing Center, at

Writing Center Workshops

Workshops on writing topics of interest to a variety of undergraduate and graduate audiences. Sessions are on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in the Writing Center.

Saturday, Feb. 25 Writing More (or Less): Tips for Development
Saturday, Mar. 25 Organizing Your Writing: Argumentative Essays
Saturday, Apr. 8 Citation: MLA & APA Style
Saturday, Apr. 22 Common Editing Errors: Fragments, Run-ons, and Comma Splices
Saturday, May 6 Becoming a Better Self-Editor: Catching Mistakes in Your Own Writing

ESL Writing Conversations

Weekly conversations about different topics relevant to writing and academic English with a focus on questions commonly raised by second language writers. This series is specifically designed for graduate and undergraduate students who speak English as a second language, but anyone interested in the topics or ESL writing may participate if space is available. All sessions meet on Mondays from 4:00-5:00 p.m. in the Writing Center.

Monday, Feb. 20 Becoming a Better Reader: The Relationship between Academic Reading & Writing
Monday, Feb. 27 Strategies for Building Academic Vocabulary & Selecting the Right Word
Monday, Mar. 20 Is This Plagiarism?
Monday, Mar. 27 How to Summarize
Monday, Apr. 3 How to Paraphrase
Monday, Apr. 10 How to Integrate Quotations
Monday, Apr. 17 Identifying and Correcting Fragments
Monday, Apr. 24 Identifying and Correcting Run-ons and Comma Splices
Monday, May 1 Identifying and Correcting Article Errors (a, an, and the)
Monday, May 8 Identifying and Correcting Subject-Verb Agreement Errors
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