Undergraduate Writing Consultants, 2015

 Jessica GalbreathIMG_20131031_093904

Hi! I am Secondary Education and English major with a minor in Special Education. In the writing center, I enjoy helping people on their CORE and Education papers, but I can help with any type of assignment. If someone needs help expanding thoughts, developing a thesis, or just brainstorming ideas to get a good start, I am always here to help! I enjoy teaching and helping people express their thoughts through their writing, and I look forward to helping you soon!


 Aema ZaidiAema

Hi! I am a senior, and I am double majoring in Political Science and History with a pre-law concentration. This is my first year working as a writing consultant, and I am excited to be able to help students with their writing concerns and issues. I enjoy tutoring people and consider my strengths to be argumentative writing. If you are looking for someone to help you with organizing ideas, or work with you towards improving your writing skills, you should visit the Writing Center and make an appointment with me! I am currently studying in Washington, DC, but I’m excited to return to campus and work with you in the fall!


 Lily HowardLily Howard Consultant Picture ps

I am a Senior Biology major with minors in Spanish and Psychology.  This is my fourth semester working here as a writing consultant.  I love writing and the process that is writing, and I am eager to share my experience and knowledge with anyone who comes to the writing center for help or makes an appointment with me.  As a writing consultant, I am experienced with a variety of writing techniques including different citations, such as MLA, APA, and CSE, forming ideas and theses, and, my favorite, organizing.  Even though I am a Biology major, I am prepared to help with different styles of writing for any class. I hope to see you in the writing center soon!


Jordan Bires

Hi! I am majoring in English; I have an unwavering passion for creative writing and literary criticism. I began working for the Writing Center in the Spring of 2014. I am looking forward to helping others with their writing needs, questions, etc. As a Writing Consultant, my specialties include helping students with brainstorming, organization, and citation (particularly MLA format). If you need help with any of these topics, or any topic that pertains to writing, you can schedule an appointment with me. I look forward to seeing you soon.


IMG_2200Madalyn Harvey

Heya, everybody! I am a junior Social Work major and Christ College student.  This is my first year working in the Writing Center, because last spring I was able to study abroad in Cambridge, England! I have written lots of different kinds of papers, including APA, MLA, and Chicago style in Social Work, Education, CORE, and Christ College. I look forward to meeting you in the writing center!

Aura Fucci

My name is Aura Fucci and I am a junior Chemistry major with minors in Spanish and Biology. This is my second semester working in the Writing Center. I’m great at working with CORE papers, but since I have a Chemistry background I am great with technical writing. I am so excited to help you to realize your full potential as a writer at Valparaiso University.


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Desiree Swartz

Hi! My name is Desiree and I am a junior Nursing major.  I enjoy helping students from all disciplines, especially CORE and nursing students. I am particularly experienced with APA format. I am willing to help during any part of the writing process, whether that be brainstorming, organization, transitions, sentence structure, or grammar. I look forward to seeing you in the Writing Center!




Bryn Cooley

I am a junior English and History double major, as well as a Christ College student. I spent all of last year in Cambridge, England. I enjoy working with English, History, and Christ College students with essays at all points of the writing process.




Daniel Loftus

Daniel Loftus

Hello! My name is Daniel Loftus, and I am a junior Professional Writing major with a General Communications minor. While this is my first year as a writing consultant, I have had a lot of experience with writing papers in MLA, APA and Chicago style. As a writing major, I’m especially skilled at organization, clarity and brainstorming, and am willing to help you with whatever your assignment is. I hope to see you in the writing center soon!


Grace SmetanaGrace Smetana

Hello my name is Grace and I am a junior English major and Communications minor. I enjoy working on CORE, English, and Communications papers but will gladly work on papers in different subjects. I enjoy helping students who all have different writing styles. I will help students through any part of the writing process. I am excited to work with you in the writing center!


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