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Valparaiso University: Internal Resources

Celebration Communication: 150th Letterhead/Envelopes

January 2008 through December 2009

Beginning as early as January 2008 and lasting through December 2009, the University requests that each office/department/college use revised letterhead, which contains the 150th Anniversary “bug” located just under the University seal in the upper left corner of the letterhead (can use beyond 2009 to deplete supply).

Contact one of the vendors below and request the special pricing for the University's 150th stationery and then issue a purchase order. Letterhead has page 1, 2, and accompanying envelopes.

Data Graphic Printing: 462-8683 or Jeff Smith,
Mr. Copyrite: 462-1108, Diane Price
Town and Country Press: 800-979-9505, Ron Gibson

1923. The Old College Building, built by the Methodists in 1860 and focal point for the VU campus, is destroyed by fire. The University lacks the money to clear away the rubble.