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Valparaiso University: Internal Resources

Celebration Communication: 150th Stickers

January 2008 through December 2009

Stickers are intended for external correspondence as a communication enhancement (i.e. envelopes, invitations, publications, brochures) tool.

If your department has not already purchased them, the 150th stickers can be ordered from the Purchasing Department by taking the following steps:

1. Fill out a form located at:
2. Follow instructions on the form to complete your order through Purchasing and Support Services

For Reprints Contact:
Vision Integrated Graphics: 708-570-7956, Bruce Brankle

Place a 150th sticker on your envelope stationery and other promotional correspondence sent to your external audiences (students, parents, alumni, constituents, etc.).

When placing on the front side of envelopes, you are encouraged to adhere to the following specifications as outlined by the U.S. Postal Service:

  • Place the sticker no less than 1/2 inch and no more than 4.75 inches from the side and bottom of the envelope.
  • Place the sticker on a slight angle left or right to prevent post office automatic readers from picking up (reading) sticker content.
  • While the sticker can be placed on either the left or right side of the envelope, University Marketing encourages you to place it on the right side so that it does not compete with the imprinted Valpo seal in the return address.

1923. The Old College Building, built by the Methodists in 1860 and focal point for the VU campus, is destroyed by fire. The University lacks the money to clear away the rubble.