Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program

(SI) Program

What is SI?

SI is a series of weekly collaborative review sessions led by an experienced Valpo student (SI Leader) for students taking BIO 151/152/171/172 & CHEM 121/122. After completing training in August, the SI Leader attends classes, meets with the instructor, and leads structured review sessions every week throughout the fall and spring semesters. The SI program provides students with a welcoming and supportive peer-to-peer learning environment where they can review the complex material they are learning in entry-level biology and chemistry courses.


What are the benefits of attending SI?

  • Supports you in maintaining a regular review routine.
  • Helps you stay on track with learning new material.
  • Keeps you focused on what to learn and how to learn.
  • Strengthens your effective study strategies.
  • Helps you organize and review course content before exams—supporting your focused study time.
  • Engages you in active learning tasks, such as predicting test questions and practicing answering them.
  • Tests your knowledge—helps you identify what you know and what you still need to learn.
  • A structured peer-to-peer learning environment—compare class notes, discuss important concepts, and practice problem solving.
  • A forum for asking questions to check your understanding as you go.

Who are the SI Leaders?

The SI Leaders working for the Academic Success Center are current undergraduate students at sophomore, junior, and senior levels. They received recommendations from their professors after successfully completing the courses in which they now serve. SI Leaders are expected to demonstrate a commitment to cultural diversity and the ability to work with individuals or groups from diverse backgrounds. See ASC Student Employment page for more information.