Valparaiso University alumni have a record of success, not only in the job market, but in serving and leading their communities.


Placement Rates

  • 95% of graduates are employed or engaged in graduate education within a year of graduating (based on 2013-2014 data with 93% of graduates reporting)
  • 85% of pre-med students (and 100% of those from Christ College) are admitted to medical school
  • 50% of Valpo alumni hold at least one graduate degree
  • Valpo ranks second among U.S. master’s degree institutions in producing winners of prestigious Fulbright awards for international study, research, and teaching.

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Photo of Tom Cath

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive career development program, which encourages students to better understand themselves and how to pursue a vocation that is a good fit for them. 

Tom Cath Director of the Career Center