The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides referral service to help connect students with appropriate resources on campus to support their academic achievement. Academic advisors, faculty, and support staff may refer students to visit the ASC website or call, email, or stop by the ASC to get information about help sessions, peer tutoring, and other types of academic support. The ASC aims to support students’ personal and academic development at Valpo by connecting them with opportunities to enhance their learning, boost their performance, and develop new study skills.


Anyone enrolled or employed by Valparaiso University may come to the Writing Center to consult about writing related to courses, employment at the university, job search, and applications or scholarships. Peer consultants or the professional director will gladly offer help in face-to-face conferences, online exchanges, or through Facebook chat. Consultation is free of charge. We encourage students to confer at several stages of a project —getting ideas, drafting, and revision. Students may drop in or go to to set up an appointment.


In the Hesse Center, students have the opportunity to get free walk-in tutoring in precalculus, calculus, Physics 141 and 142, and many engineering classes. While the services in the Hesse Center are targeted at engineering students, all Valpo students taking these classes can utilize the tutoring support provided and are encouraged to attend regularly. All the tutors are engineering majors and are trained to use questioning techniques to help students reach a better understanding of the material. In addition to walk-in tutoring support, the Hesse Center offers Freshman Study Tables covering calculus, Physics 141, and GE 100 in the quiet study lounge in Lankenau and help sessions for precalculus, ME 104, statics, dynamics, and several ECE courses.


At the Language Resource Center, students can take advantage of the Language Partner Program; the Language Cafe; a growing collection of films, reference, and enrichment materials; and an open computer lab. The LRC provides online and on-site support in a variety of ways for students of Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish. The LRC can be found within the Arts and Sciences building. 


Counseling Services offers a broad range of preventative, remedial, and developmental services to the Valparaiso University community. We assist students in functioning more effectively in the University environment by helping them define and accomplish their personal and academic goals. Counseling is a relationship between a counselor and a client seeking help. The relationship is one of trust and confidence in which clients learn to explore themselves and their abilities to cope with life more effectively.


The Valparaiso University Student Health Center (VUSHC) provides professional health care for qualifying students and wellness programs for all students. The VUSHC is staffed by nurse practitioners (NPs) that are advanced practice nurses and provide high-quality health care services similar to those of a doctor.