Where can I find students’ accommodation letters? 

To locate the accommodation letters of students in your course please like the class roster tab in DataVU. Under the column entitled Accommodation Letters you will have the option of viewing the accommodation letters for eligible students. 

When do accommodations go into effect? 

Accommodations take effect on the date listed at the top of a student’s accommodation letter. Some students seek and receive accommodations in the middle of a semester ; their accommodations would become active on that date. Accommodations are not retroactive.

My student needs to take an accommodated test. What should I do? If they are taking it in the AARC, how do I send/ receive the test?

Please refer to our Accommodated Testing Procedures

Am I legally required to follow every accommodation listed on the letter?

Yes, accommodations are not a suggestion but rather legal guidelines on how to provide access to students. There are  however  instances when the essential functions of a course, department, or accrediting body would result in an accommodation not being applicable. If you believe an accommodation is not applicable or have  accommodation related concerns please contact AARC staff. 

How do I approach a student about their accommodations? 

The onus for discussing accommodations lies with the student, if you desire to initiate discussion due to lack of action by students we recommend sending an email.  Face to face conversation may also be appropriate as long as this conversation is done in a confidential manner. 

Never discuss a student’s accommodations with them in front of or with others, unless the student has given you permission to do so.

I notice that one of my students has an accommodation letter, however, they haven’t been using the accommodations listed, nor have they asked to. Should I be concerned?

 No, while a copy of the students accommodation letter will be sent out to each of the professors for that term a student may feel the need for accommodations for some courses, but not all. They may also feel the need to apply accommodations to specific  situations in your class but not all.

If my student has testing accommodations, am I allowed to administer their exam, or am I required to send them to the AARC?


Students desiring to use testing accommodations may test in the AARC  testing center or  a space designated by the professor. If a professor choses to administer an exam for which accommodations have been requested he/she agrees to provide and oversee the appropriate provisions of accommodations.