Students who have been approved for If you need a book converted into a digital format in order to be able to access it more efficiently, follow the following instructions:

  1. Email the AARC ( with the following information:
    • ISBN number: This special number allows us to search our databases for the exact book you need. The ISBN number can be located by either looking on the back of the book by the barcode, or on the first page before the cover page.

Picture of barcode with 13 ISBN numberBibliography page of a book showing 13 digit ISBN number

    • Title, author, publisher, AND EDITION IF NECESSARY*: While the ISBN can give us all of this information in one click, if you are unable to find it, we simply need this information.
      * Sometimes, the AARC is able to find different editions of books outside the ones your professor may be asking for. Some editions have updated information that a professor requires, so if you need a certain edition, you may be waiting a bit longer than if any edition is acceptable.
    • Proof of Purchase: In order to prevent copyright infringement, our publishers require we verify that students have purchased or obtained the book prior to conversion. Please send a picture of your receipt or screenshot of your online purchase confirmation. You may also bring your physical book to the AARC (we can convert library books too) and we can verify then.
  1. Wait for the AARC to convert your book. Depending on the availability of the book and publisher response, this process can take up to 4 weeks, though the AARC strives to give students access as soon as possible. Like accommodations, it is best to request books as soon as you know you need them, so we have plenty of time to get them to you.
  2. Access your book. The AARC will either send you your accessible digital book via email attachment (or if you requested multiple, a link to a Google Drive folder) or Bookshare.

If you have a book available via Bookshare, please use the following instructions to access your book:

  • Log in to Bookshare with username and password (Assigned by AARC staff member)

Bookshare login page

  • Scroll down to recent books or hit “My history” on left hand side of pagE
  • Select book desired and download.
    • A. Click “Read now!” and Bookshare Read client will launch.

Read now button with table of books

    • B. Hit the play button once the client launches.

Read button showing book reading