The January 6 FOCUS session is only for students starting classes at Valpo in January 2020. 

Before signing up for FOCUS, you must commit to Valpo by completing your enrollment deposit, the down payment toward your first semester tuition and fees. It will be credited to your student account in Spring semester.

After completing your enrollment deposit, sign up for FOCUS via the form below. The first-year program fee of $50* is charged to your spring semester bill, to be paid in full or via payment plan on Student Account Center after orientation. The parent/guest fee of $40 per person is paid via credit/debit when signing up for FOCUS.

Parent/Guest payments for FOCUS may be made using Mastercard, Visa, or Discover. Parent/Guest payments are refundable until January 2 by e-mailing Brandi Kneifel at, should a parent/guest need to cancel attendance.

*Fees for June/August 2020 FOCUS will be set by the university in winter 2020 and updated on this site at that time.