Applied Statistics Minor

What is statistics?

Statistics is the study of data, and how it can be collected, analyzed, and presented in order to answer questions pertaining to the world around us.  The impact of statistics profoundly affects society today. Statistical tables, survey results, and the language of probability are used with increasing frequency by the media.  The improvements in computer technology make it easier than ever to use statistical methods and to manipulate massive amounts of data. 

Statistics has a strong influence on physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, business, and industry.  A statistician often finds that a career in the field of statistics not only requires knowledge of statistics, but also knowledge about the field generating the question of interest.  Common fields of application include business, demography, economics, engineering, environmental science, geography, the health sciences, psychology, and sociology, among others. 

The applied statistics minor utilizes an interdisciplinary perspective to develop the student's ability to perform statistical analysis. This minor will prepare students to analyze data in their professional work. In addition, it will also provide background for those students who intend to pursue work in applied disciplines.