Interesting people make interesting art.

At Valpo, the liberal arts curriculum is a clear path to becoming an interesting person. In addition to courses within the department, all art students take courses in the sciences, humanities, foreign languages, and social sciences. That means that documentary photographers can study sociology, art historians can develop expertise in French, and landscape painters can learn about geomorphology. These broader perspectives give artists more to draw on as they create their own work.

Developing the Visual Mind

Within the art department itself, courses expose students to the many ways that art is made, seen, and valued.

Targeted Degree Programs

The art department offers three majors covering studio arts and digital media and one minor covering studio arts. These programs provide a strong arts education and are flexible enough to allow students to double-major if they choose. Other Valpo programs, including secondary education and psychology, combine well with an art degree and allow students to further develop their career and academic interests.

Diverse Curriculum

The art department offers courses from art history to animation. Learn more about courses offered

Art for Non-Majors

The art department welcomes and encourages students from all majors, whether they are experienced artists or newly exploring the field. These students contribute to the community with insights from their own areas of expertise, while also broadening their own perspectives.

Students are welcome to enroll in any class for which they have met the prerequisites and may also consider adding art as a minor or second major. Learn more ยป