Please protect yourself from potential Mail Fraud by disposing of all “Junk Mail” or unwanted mail in a safe manner. If you suspect that you are a victim of mail fraud, please contact the USPS Postal Inspector via

We recommend the following safety precautions:

  • Shred all mail that contains confidential information.
  • Check your mail unit regularly
  • Only students assigned to a Valpo mail unit may pick up mail or parcels addressed to that specific box number.
  • Received magazines / CD’s / DVD’s for which you did not subscribe or request? Contact the Company’s Customer Service Department to stop the mailings. Email the Company, keep a hard copy of your email and any responses for your records.

  • Share your mail unit combination with others
  • “Preset” the combination lock on your box.
  • Send or ask someone else to pick up mail or parcels for you. Student Mail Services will only release items to addressee on mail or parcel.
  • Allow others to have mail or parcels addressed to your mail unit number.
  • Give personal information over the phone