• All students living in residential university housing are assigned mail units.
  • Mail is sorted to assigned student mail unit numbers only.
  • Students are encouraged to check and empty their mail units regularly.

Viewing mail unit assignments and box combinations:

  1. Go to https://datavu.valpo.edu
  2. Then log in to student menu
  3. Scroll down to “My Profile”
  4. The unit number is incorporated in the address listed, and the combination is located below.

  • Step #1: Turn left (counter clockwise) at least four times stopping at the first number.
  • Step #2: Turn right (clockwise) passing the second number one time and then stopping on the second number.
  • Step #3: Turn left (counter clockwise) stopping at the third number the first time. You will hear a click just before the number.
  • Step #4: Slowly turn to the right (clockwise) the dial will become tight and pull open.