Mass Mailing FAQ

Where can I get a Mass Mailing Request form?

Here: Mass Mailing Request Form
Or call the Mail Center (5218) and we will gladly email or send a hard copy to you.

Where do I send my address file for processing?
Send it to the Valparaiso University Mail Center at Please do not send a mailing list file to an individual employee at the Mail Center.

What aspects of my mailing affect my postage prices?
A number of factors:

  • Content : What class of mail is it?
  • Size: How big is it?
  • Shape: Is it a letter, flat, or parcel?
  • Weight: How heavy is it?
  • Quantity: How many pieces do you have?
  • Speed of delivery: Depends on the postage class. Standard/ Non Profit Standard is slower and less expensive than First-Class mail.

What does National Change of Address (NCOA) do for my mailing?

  • Reduces undeliverable mail by providing the most current address information for matches made to the NCOALink file.
  • Prevents re-mailings after address corrections are received because the address correction is applied prior to the mailing.
  • Reduces mailer costs by using the most current address information you’ll reduce the number of undeliverable mail pieces.
  • Faster delivery: provides the opportunity for faster product/service marketing through accurate mail delivery.
  • NCOA is federal postage regulation for all mass mailers.

Helpful Terms to know

  • Indicia – Imprinted designation on printed on the mail piece which denotes postage payment. This can only be used with mailings of 200 or more (e.g., permit imprint).
  • Presort – The process by which a mailer prepares mail so that it is sorted to the finest extent required by the United States Post Office. The Valparaiso University Mail Center uses a mass mailing software system for all presort applications.
  • Presorted First-Class Mail – An automation category for a mailing that consists of at least 500 addressed mail-pieces and is sorted and prepared according to USPS standards. This mail will bear a barcode.
  • Presorted Mail – A form of mail preparation, required to bypass certain postal operations, in which the mailer groups pieces in a mailing by ZIP Code or by carrier route or carrier walk sequence (or other USPS–recommended separation).
  • Presorted Prices – Prices which are lower than single-piece prices. In exchange for this lower postage price, mailers must sort their mail into containers based on the ZIP Code destinations on the mail piece.
  • Non Profit/Marketing Mail – prices are bulk prices, and each mailing must meet a minimum quantity of 200 pieces. There is no single-piece Standard Mail postage. In Standard Mail, there are prices for letters and flats/large envelopes. Unlike First-Class Mail, there is no separate Standard Mail postcard price (postcards are mailed as letters or flats).