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New Blackboard Course Menu Structure


For all courses created after today (June 8, 2015), there will be a new course menu. These changes are slight modifications to the default menu. These changes were made to aid faculty in their course design and provide further resources in the use of Blackboard. Faculty always have the option to customize their course menu as they feel is best. *These changes will not affect existing courses.

See attachment: Course menu structure

Don’t forget about the VU Blackboard Help Resource page.

YouTube MashUp & Video Everywhere Tool Unavailable


Users are unable to upload and embed YouTube videos using YouTube Mashup or Video Everywhere. The uploaded video can be found on youtube.com, but searching for it in the applicable building block returns videos directing users to https://youtube.com/devicesupport. This behavior is unrelated to OAuth 1.0 being deprecated.

Blackboard Inc Article


  • After recording the video, click continue, this will save it in youtube.com
  • Log into youtube.com, click on the video you have just recorded.
  • Copy the url
  • Go back to the editor on Bb environment
  • Click on Insert/Edit Embedded media
  • Paste the url into the File/URL
  • Change Type to Embedded Audio
  • Insert
  • Submit


Purging Courses


What does it mean to “Purge”?

Purging an object completely removes that object’s data in Blackboard Learn thus freeing resources for future use. When a course is purged, it is permanently deleted in Blackboard and there is no possibility of future recovery.


When will this happen and how often?

On August 15 of each year, we will purge courses that are more than four years old as of the prior December 31. So, on August 15, 2015, we will purge courses dating from the Fall 2011 semester and earlier. This means that all courses prior to Fall 2011 will be permanently deleted from Blackboard.


What do faculty need to do?

Faculty will need to “save a copy” of their course content prior to August 15th by exporting their course. If faculty wish to save their content AND student records, an archive of the course must be completed.

Please see this document for further information and instructions to export and archive a course: https://docs.google.com/a/valpo.edu/document/d/1iHWqrXHZ2IcFf6Ryczu9gNpJq87defzDUzFOvvnrL1A/edit?usp=sharing