Third (Exploration) Year Students

Third Year-Exploration

Third (Exploration) Year Students

Third Year – Exploration

In the junior year (exploration) Bloom scholars will work with the Institute for Leadership and Service (ILAS) to prepare for a specialized paid summer internship. The summer internship is meant to help scholars explore and realize how their talents can help address the needs of their own communities and beyond. Leading up to the summer internship, scholars will be expected to engage in workshops, lectures and training modules centered around vocation and calling. Only Bloom Scholars who complete the required number of campus activities and maintain a 2.5 GPA will be eligible to earn a paid internship with the University CAPS Fellowship program and additional scholarship opportunities.

CAPS Fellows Program

The CAPS Fellows Program helps students develop their sense of Calling And Purpose in Society by re-imagining the traditional internship as a communal and reflective experience, deepening its impact on discernment. Fellows complete intensive summer internships that offer relevant real-world experience, accompanied by significant reflection in community with other Fellows. CAPS Fellows are placed with a broad range of regional and national organizations engaged in important forms of service and leadership, and intern with these organization for 9-11 weeks in the summer, for a total of 300 hours.