Valparaiso University in Color

Valparaiso University’s official colors are brown, gold, and white. A complete color palette, including primary, accent, and neutral colors, supports the Valparaiso University brand. Colors are one of the strongest ties to memory, and the consistent application of our primary colors and complementary palette is critical. Therefore accent colors should be used at a ratio of 10 percent or less. Repetitive use of this palette will build recognition and distinguish Valpo from its competition.

Dark Brown 15/60/92/80 78/41/19  4625 381e0e
Light Brown 15/60/92/70 97/51/24 469 613318
Gold 0/12/100/0 255/204/0 116 ffcc00
Prestige Brown Metallic 8583  —
Prestige Gold  34/43/100/10 165/131/41 Metallic 8641 a58329
Accent Green  25/0/95/0 173/214/50  382 add632
Accent Blue 73/20/0/0  45/123/179  7688 2d7bb3
Tan 01/12/35/25  200/177/139  7503  e3dac8
Gray  0/9/16/43 162/149/138 Warm Gray 8 8b7b6e

Valpo Typography

Consider typography an extension of the Valparaiso University personality. It conveys moods, tones, and meanings.


Avenir should be used as a title, headline, and header font.
Gotham and Arial may be used as substitutes when Avenir is not available.


Warnock Pro should be used for body copy and larger volumes of content.
Minion Pro and Times New Roman can be used as a substitute when Warnock Pro is not available.