Valparaiso University works with Learfield Licensing Partners to establish a list of licensed vendors to produce Valpo branded items. When purchasing items such as cups, shirts, pens, or any other item that can be used as a prize or giveaway, a licensed vendor must be used.

Visit for a list of Valpo’s licensed vendors.

For questions regarding licensed vendors, please contact the brand manager at or 219.464.6800.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vendors

How do I know the artwork has been approved?

Each licensed vendor has an account with Trademarx Online. Vendors will use this to submit artwork for approval. As you work with a vendor, request artwork to be sent either via Trademarx (preferred method) or directly to for approval.

I found a vendor I want to use, but it is not licensed. How does a company become licensed so the University can continue to do business with it?

If you have an unlicensed vendor you wish to use, please contact IMC. The vendor will be put in contact with Learfield Licensing Partners to begin the licensing process.

What are the benefits of using a licensed vendor?

Because our logos are trademarked, only vendors who have a current license with the University may use our logos. The University has a 12 percent royalty rate that supports the University. Internal purchases are not subject to royalty rates.

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