1. Most campus demonstrations will be peaceful and everyone should attempt to carry on business as normally as possible. Avoid provoking or obstructing the demonstrators.
  2. Should a disturbance occur, call the University Police at 911. To avoid causing additional trouble, make the call in private. The procedures outlined under number 3 below should also be considered.
  3. A threatening disturbance should be reported immediately to the University Police Department and the building contact person. The following action also should be taken:
    1. Remain on the line with the University Police Dispatcher to share information and to receive additional instruction.
    2. Direct someone to alert all individuals in the area of the situation.
    3. Direct someone to lock interior doors and secure all files, documents, and equipment.
    4. If necessary, cease operations and evacuate.
  4. University Police will assess the situation. Participants who refuse to disperse may be subject to prosecution if any campus rules and/or state laws are violated.
  5. If a class is disrupted, call the University Police at 464-5430 or 911.

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