Pre-program the Valparaiso University Police phone number 219.464.5430 in your cell phone. This number can be used for emergencies and non-emergencies. When dialing 911 on any campus phone you will be contacting the campus police. If you dial 911 from a cell phone in the Valparaiso area you will be calling the Porter County Sheriff Department. Any of these options are acceptable and should not slow any emergency response.

  • Become familiar with areas you use regularly. Know your evacuation routes and where to take shelter for different types of emergencies, before an incident occurs,
  • STAY CALM. Do not make the situation worse. Do not let people take foolish chances. Others will respond as you do. SET THE EXAMPLE.
  • Control the flow of information. Evaluate what is most essential and forward only that. Have a plan to disseminate: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.
  • DO NOT SPEAK TO THE MEDIA. All media inquiries should be directed to the Director of Media Relations, 219.464.6939.
  • If you find yourself in charge of an area, delegate duties. Clearly communicate your needs and trust others to do their part. This will aid others who feel the need to be useful.
  • Use plain language during a crisis. Everyone will be under stress. Keep things straightforward and simple.
  • Be aware of those around you. Aid those whom you can without added risk. Follow instructions when they are given.
  • Talk to others. Simply talking to each other and discussing what could happen and how to respond prepares us for crises.
  • Remember personalities. Stress, fear, fatigue, and anger might be present in those around you. Be prepared to deal with human nature. Do not let it frustrate you.

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