The University has an emergency siren located in the center of campus. This siren will sound whenever there is a confirmed report of a LIFE THREATENING situation whether it be weather related, a chemical spill, or any other situation that threatens lives or property. The siren is connected to Porter County Emergency Management, a county-wide emergency response agency. Campus police can also activate it as needed.

In case of an emergency, the siren will sound continuously for three (3) minutes followed by one (1) minute of silence and repeated as needed. When this happens:

  • Basements and reinforced concrete buildings are your best protection.
  • Go to the lowest part of the building, stay away from outside walls and windows. (Hallways and small rooms provide good protection.)
  • For buildings without basements, go to the ground floor. Take cover under heavy furniture in the central part of the building, or in a small room, hallway or bathroom AWAY FROM WINDOWS.

The siren DOES NOT sound an all clear. To obtain all clear information and any further information regarding the reason for the siren’s activation, call the campus information line or listen to local media:

  • Call ext. 7977 from phones on the campus phone system.
  • Call 465-7977 from phones outside of the campus phone system.
  • Tune into WLJE (105.5 FM) or WAKE (1500 AM).

The Porter County Emergency Management siren is TESTED the first Tuesday of each month. A warning siren will sound at 11:00 a.m. THIS IS ONLY A TEST! Testing will be thirty (30) seconds of constant signal followed by one (1) minute of silence and 30 second of wailing (wavering) signal.
“Siren Inside GO Outside”…
“…Siren Outside GO Inside”

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